Hinckley Bermuda 40 in Tiger and the Robot


Chan’s liveaboard boat is a Bermuda 40, It isn’t quite as nice as the one in this photo. Here is the description from the first chapter of the book.

Did I mention that I live on a boat?

She is a real classic, a Hinckley Bermuda 40, a true millionaire’s yacht, with gleaming chrome and polished teak everywhere. At least that is how she looked about forty years ago when she was new. I picked her up at A-1 auctions. She was seized by customs after they found a bale of marijuana in the lazarette and five kilos of coke in the bilge when she sailed in from Mexico.  The owner skipped.

She was called Blue Rose.  I had no idea what the name signified, it was the original name, carved right into the transom 40 years ago.

In those days she could have used some cosmetics, and the sails were tired, but the Perkins diesel ran well and the hull was sound. She hardly leaked, and anyway the bilge pump worked fine. I planned to restore her when I could afford it.